How to change Vauxhall Corsa C Handbrake Cables

The smaller engine Corsa C’s all have brake drums on the back. The handbrake cable assembly on these is made up of 3 main cable sections and 2 small pieces which fit to the brake shoes. The sections are listed below:

  1. A short 33cm Front Section which connects to the handbrake lever
  2. A 105cm Middle Section goes from the handbrake lever towards the rear left (nearside) brake drum
  3. A shorter 83cm Middle Section, runs towards the right (offside) brake drum.
  4. Two short cable sections (only 22cm long) connect to the two main cables to each wheel’s brake shoes.

Both the middle cables are connected together by the equaliser, located above the rear axle cross member.  Either part of the cable assembly can be replaced independently of the others. The common replacement is the longest 105cm cable which runs from the front towards the left wheel.

The Long Middle 105cm Brake Cable – Replacement procedure

  • First, slacken the nuts which hold the exhaust shield in place underneath the car and you will then have access to the bottom part of the handbrake lever.
  • From inside the car, remove the handbrake cable adjuster nut.
  • Take off the left-hand rear brake drum
  • Carefully extract the upper and lower return springs, next remove the spring cup, spring and retainer pin and lastly remove the rear brake shoe. You can leave the front shoe and adjuster strut mechanism as they are, in position.
  • Release the handbrake cable from its retaining clip, which is located on the lower pivot point of the brake shoe, after removing the retaining clip you can withdraw the cable from the rear of the backplate.
  • Work along the length of the cable, releasing it from its retaining clips and associated guides. Remember to note how and where it was fixed (for when you are reinstalling the new cable).
  • Disconnect the front end of the cable from the rubber grommet which is around the equaliser link and remove the cable from underneath the car.
  • When you refit the new cable, connect the front end of the cable to the handbrake lever, and then hook the cable through the equaliser link.
  • Make sure the cable is securely held in position by the rubber grommet.