Aftermarket Lambda Sensor is different to the original? I received an interesting email from one of my engine management part suppliers, Cambiare. It was about buying lambda sensors and why aftermarket parts can sometimes physically look different to the original but still be the correct part.

Below is the  example they gave:


Figure A shows lambda sensor-A which corresponds to two O.E. numbers JP-123 and JP-124. (original equipment number means the genuine/dealer’s number). Notice the corner cut-out of the plug.

Figure B shows lambda sensor-B LAMBDA 2which  corresponds to OE number JP-125. Here the cut-out on the plug is bottom left.

Figure C shoLAMBDA 3ws  lamba sensor-C. This is the aftermarket version of the two sensors above.

This sensor can be used to replace any of the 3 OE numbers, namely JP-123, JP-124 and JP-125.

This practice of designing a part to cover more applications is common with lambda/oxygen sensors, but the same might apply in other parts where two parts are essentially the same except for e.g. the plug.

Anyone in the motor trade will agree that when buying car parts there’s a higher-than-average chance that you’ve got the wrong part, so it’s easy to immediately jump to this conclusion but this article is one example where it might not be so straightforward.  Good luck !